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Crowdskout is your all-in-one data platform and grassroots advocacy toolset, offering all of the features you need in order to plan, execute, and measure advocacy campaigns. Customers have access to all of the features listed.

Click on capability on the right to view features included: ​

CRM & Data Management

  • Rich constituent profiles: Track contact information,  demographics, civic engagement, memberships, opinion data, and interactions with your organization. 

  • Custom attributes: Create unlimited custom fields to track unique data on our constituents.

  • Calculated fields: Create computational attributes based on data you have on your supporters, such as totals, averages, or time lapsed since last interactions.

  • New Campaigns: Group your audiences, outreach, and engagement activities into campaigns for better tracking and reporting. 

  • Tasks and notes: Assign tasks to outreach to and keep notes of interactions with supporters to stay on top of your advocacy efforts. 

  • Data imports: Upload CSV files and map fields to profiles. Automatically assign uploaded lists to segments. 

  • Data exports: Export any custom audience to a CSV file or external service.

Data & Insights

  • Tracking code: Use our tracking code to build profiles of and track interactions with your supporters on your digital properties. Track visits, media consumption, form interactions and more!

  • Civic health score: This proprietary Civic Health Score allows you to to measure the civic engagement level of your audience - whether they be donors, advocates, members, etc. - or a new audience you’re trying to reach. Using 1st and 3rd party data, including but not limited to voting history, donations to causes and campaigns, and volunteering, this score will help you to better understand your audience and target your advocacy campaigns based on the civic participation of the people you’d like to reach.

  • Engagement scores: Track how engaged your supporters are with your organization, and their social clout.  

  • Goal tracking: Develop visuals to track progress towards the goals you set for a specific campaign or your organization overall. 

  • Custom reports: Create charts based on any activity or profile data you have on all of, or a segment of, your supporters. Choose from a number of different charts, and customize the look and feel.

  • Custom dashboards: Organize charts, goal tracking, task lists and more into custom dashboards to make analytics accessible and relevant to any area of your organization.

CRM & Data Management
Data & Insights


  • Advocacy Targets: Depending on policy goals, direct your supporters to contact State and Federal legislators, along with posting comments to

  • Custom Targets: Create a campaign targeting a specific individual or group of individuals your organization wants to influence. 

  • Multichannel: Reach elected officials via email, patch-thru calls, and on Twitter.

  • Form Design: Use our drag-and-drop form builder to set up custom webforms that can be embedded on your website, and acquire a wide variety of audience attributes.

  • Automation: Design and experiment with automated email campaigns, triggered on each advocate form submission. 

  • Landing Pages: Create landing pages that look and feel just like your website, with custom subdomains and themes.



  • Forms: Create custom forms which can be used for offline gathering of information from your supporters. Use forms for email acquisition, petitions, quizzes, registration forms, and more!

  • Webforms: Use our drag-and-drop form builder to set up custom webforms that can be embedded on your website or hosted in a custom landing page. 

  • Landing Pages: Create landing pages that look and feel just like your website, with custom subdomains and themes. 

  • Automation: Send autoresponders to people who complete your forms to drive further engagement while you have their attention.



  • Email blasts: Send one time emails to any custom audiences using our fully drag-and-drop WYSIWYG email editor. 

  • Automated emails: Automation delivers email to the right person, at the right time, and with the right message. As a result, more emails are opened and clicked, ultimately generating a higher engagement rate.

  • Customizable email templates: Create reusable email templates to apply your organization or campaign’s brand to your messaging. 

  • Layouts and themes: Choose from a set of off-the-shelf email layouts and themes to quickly build your email campaigns. 

  • Schedule email sends: Prepare emails in advance and schedule to send to supporters at a future date and time.



  • Phonebanking: The only advocacy toolset with phone banking built in! Enable your organization or supporters to call your target audiences to inform them about your issues or get them to take action. 

  • Custom scripts: Equip your volunteers with scripts to guide their conversation with your constituents. 

  • Custom surveys: Build custom questionnaires which will capture responses from phone calls made and save that information directly to a person’s profile in your CRM.

  • Voice-over-IP calls: Make phone banking convenient for your supporters by enabling them to call directly from their computer.



  • Peer-to-peer SMS: The only advocacy toolset with peer-to-peer SMS! Send text messages to your supporters, or empower your supporters to text each other. 

  • Response inbox: Respond to supporters in a centralized inbox built from within the tool.

  • SMS reports: See how your SMS efforts are performing from a centralized dashboard.

Audience Building & Segmentation

  • Audience builder: Run searches based on any attribute or interaction with supporters. See a live count and preview searches as they are performed. 

  • Advanced query UI: Build advanced queries with AND and OR statements using a point and click interface. No need to write a line of code, but you can if you prefer!

  • Lists and Segments: Save your query as a list so you don’t need to rerun searches. Build dynamic lists with Segments that will update when new people meet that criteria.

Account Administration

  • User permissions: Create granular user levels with custom permissions that align with your organizational structure.  

  • User management: Create and manage an unlimited number of users, with different levels and permissions. Track each user's activity in your account for auditing and governance purposes. 

  • Sub-accounts: Create hierarchical accounts for chapter or federated organizations, enabling each subgroup to have a self-contained account. 

  • Usage reports: Track how many emails, texts, and phone minutes have been used across your account for easier budget management and forecasting.

Audience Building & Segmentation
Account Administration


  • Third-party integrations: Take advantage of our native integrations with Mailchimp, EventBrite, Facebook Ads, Wordpress (via GravityForms), Hustle, and many more!

  • Integration partners: Don’t see a native integration you need? We can connect you with our integration partner to integration with your other data and engagement tools.

  • Open API: Build custom integrations with your external platforms to enable seamless flow of data across all your mission-critical systems.

Our Solutions


A fully integrated CRM software and

data-driven campaign management tool.


Our Data Solutions will give you a full picture of your members.


Enhance your existing members or build a new audience from our data. 


Create a comprehensive Advocacy Center and grow a successful community with the help from our experts.

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