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Community Building

We can offer you a comprehensive Advocacy Center with the expert support of our team in helping you to grow a successful community.

The community will provide a compelling platform to amplify key messaging, generate engagement, facilitate critical lead generation, promote social sharing and user-generated video content.

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We provide best practices and successful use cases as well as connect you to our network of content creators and resources so that keeping your community engaged is easy. 

The site is designed to magnify awareness for your brand and associated causes through engaged online communities. We help you to inspire your community by giving them an identity within the community and rewarding them for actions taken on the platform. Users have their own profile with their activity connected to it, the ability to follow others and be followed, and earn points for participating with your content and community.


To build an active community, you can enhance any piece of content to provide feedback and opinions. Viewers will be able to directly communicate via comments, respond to questions, and post topics of interest for the community to discuss. By providing a two-way dialogue, viewers will be able to directly communicate in a brand-safe, monitored, and moderated environment.

You can launch nested hubs within your advocacy center, with dedicated newsfeeds to control the content and calls-to-action. In the nested hub environment you can:

administer a specific online community to​ ​promote a cause, encourage participation at a local level, and share experiences.

collect leads from online inquiries (powered by our built-in engagement tools)

Empower viewers to share their own stories through gaming, comments and videos.

Crowdskout provides ​comprehensive analytics​ and works with you to optimize the experience and outcomes for your audience. 

Our Solutions


A fully integrated CRM software and

data-driven campaign management tool.


Our Data Solutions will give you a full picture of your members.


Enhance your existing members or build a new audience from our data. 


Create a comprehensive Advocacy Center and grow a successful community with the help from our experts.

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