Advocacy CRM

A fully integrated CRM and data-driven campaign management platform. Crowdskout combines a people-centric database with mobilization and engagement tools, to help organizations better understand and connect with their audience. 


We understand organizations struggle to convert data into a seamless flow of reliable information. Often, important data is spread across several disconnected platforms. And while traditional CRMs store contact information, they aren’t designed for an in-depth understanding of supporters. 

Crowdskout helps solve these challenges for advocacy and campaign teams, by merging smart data analytics and management tools, with a fully integrated CRM. Crowdskout eliminates silos in your organization, by transforming distinct data points into a rich network of useful information, for better campaigning, advocacy, and outreach.

Fully engage your audience using multichannel campaign capabilities like email, mobile, Facebook ads, peer-to-peer SMS messaging, phonebanking, and more. 

Run outbound advocacy campaigns to invite supporters to contact their federal, state, and local representatives to state their position on an issue. Configure embeddable web forms to register supporters and gather information. Also, deepen your knowledge of your supporters by conducting research into audiences via polls.

Create custom dashboards, reports and build custom integrations with our open API .

Crowdskout empowers anyone in your organization to be their very own data scientist, with in-platform access to valuable local data and unique advocacy trends, all at a flat price.

Bring information to life, turn contacts into real people with real stories.