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Data Augmentation Services

If you are building a new campaign from scratch, you probably have major questions: am I reaching the right people? And can I afford to build the right audience? ​ With Crowdskout, the choice is yours!

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Our data list generation and augmentation service provides you with a new list, or augments an existing list of constituents with additional data sets from our syndicated data. ​

We will cross reference your existing list of data with our Civic Graph* to append over 140 additional profiles and data sets. ​

If you are looking to understand your audience better with additional data sets or you are looking to add new members, reach out today

*Civic Graph uses proprietary datasets and sophisticated data models to predict over 140 key attributes related to demographics, beliefs, and behavior for over 240 million individual people. ​

Our Solutions


A fully integrated CRM software and

data-driven campaign management tool.


Our Data Solutions will give you a full picture of your members.


Enhance your existing members or build a new audience from our data. 


Create a comprehensive Advocacy Center and grow a successful community with the help from our experts.

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