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Data Solutions

We offer a custom survey service that provides valuable insights into the core beliefs of a specific audience. Unlike other survey offerings that simply provide benchmarks and data points, our survey provides an estimate of sentiment by presenting snapshots in time and tracking community beliefs over a defined period. 

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Every organization is unique. Every campaign is local, and shaped by different forces. Each community has its own heartbeat, an array of things that make it tick.

We aim to remove the guesswork from your outreach efforts, empowering you to make data driven decisions, run more effective campaigns, and reach your audience in the way best suited to them.

Key benefits of our survey offering:

  • Take a pulse on where Americans stand on specific issues, now and over time.

  • Get insights from Helm’s historical data on several key topics such as voting rights, environmental issues, income inequality, and more.

  • Ask the right questions with help from Helm’s polling experts in formulating precise wording that gets at the information you really need.

  • Receive a high level analysis so you understand what the data actually means.

We offer three options to accommodate different needs and budgets

  • Option 1: Custom Reporting and Analysis
    Understand where your audience stands on an issue and how it has trended over the last few months. This option incorporates internal historical data, public polling, and other data that is captured and updated weekly by our survey. We capture the perspectives of 10,000 people per month on issues such as Criminal Justice, Reproductive rights, Elections, Income Inequality, and more. This solution is ideal if your question or decision point can be answered by the metrics we are already capturing.


  • Option 2:  Omnibus Online Survey 
    Helps groups with similar interests to combine their research efforts. Our polling experts work closely with each group to understand their goals and objectives, and then create a custom opinion survey with a set of core questions that serve the interests of all. Questions are formulated precisely to provide the needed insights.


  • Option 3: Custom Online Survey
    Achieve maximum results for your survey. Our polling experts work closely with you to understand your audience and goals, and then develop a highly customized survey with questions that are formulated precisely to provide the needed insights.

Our Solutions


A fully integrated CRM software and

data-driven campaign management tool.


Our Data Solutions will give you a full picture of your members.


Enhance your existing members or build a new audience from our data. 


Create a comprehensive Advocacy Center and grow a successful community with the help from our experts.

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